One Longmont man just couldn't contain himself after the GOP debate Thursday night.

The Longmont Times-Call reports Hugo Lara, 21, was pulled over shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday for a broken taillight, and police quickly realized he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

While an officer tried to calm Lara down for several minutes, Lara ranted about Donald Trump, asked if the officers were Trump supporters, and repeatedly called them gay.

Then all of a sudden, Lara's pants fell down.

One officer helped him pull his pants back up, after which Lara threatened to "blast" him. When asked why he threatened to kill the officer, Lara replied, "I did?"

Lara was arrested on suspicion of DUI, but the craziness didn't stop there.

On their way to the Boulder County Jail, Lara continued his Donald Trump rant and told the officers that they and their wives "better watch out." He also told them he had considered becoming a police officer himself, but decided against it after he saw "what messed up things the police do to people and how gay the police are."

Lara remained in custody at the jail on Thursday.

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