A second set of ducklings has had to be saved from a storm drain this week. This particular flock of ducklings was rescued in Longmont. On Monday, May 24 at around noon, the Longmont Emergency Communications Center was contacted about the trapped ducklings.

Longmont Fire Department was able to remove the grate and officers were able to retrieve a total of 11 ducklings near the 900 block of Hover. The mother duck and one of the siblings that was lucky enough to not slip through the storm drain.

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After the successful rescue of the eleven ducklings, all thirteen ducks were relocated to another part of Longmont for their safety. Take a look at the photos provided by Longmont Fire, Police and Community Health and Resilience of the rescue.

Longmont Duckling Rescue

Fort Collins Police Services also successfully rescued seven ducklings from a drain this week. See the photos from the Fort Collins duckling rescue HERE.

Source: Longmont Fire, Police and Community Health and Resilience Facebook


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