Boxed wine is a popular product in liquor stores across America – bag-in-box beer, however, is not something we're really accustomed to seeing. That being said, a Longmont company has been experimenting for a while now, and is finally ready to debut their very own boxed bags of beer.

This Saturday will not only be the first time Primitive Beer in Longmont is open to the public, but they will also be selling their original uncarbonated, lambic-style sour beers  on tap, or to-go in 1.5-liter bag-in-boxes. The boxed bags will cost $25, and since the beverage isn't fizzy to begin with, it's less likely to go flat inside the packaging, lasting longer than a typical bottle or can of beer. Lambic-style boxed beers are actually really common in Belgium, which is where the style originally comes from. All of the ingredients used in Primitive's boxed beer however, come straight from Colorado. They are calling this first-time base blend, Unbroken Boulevard of Green Lights.

Primitive Beer is the brainchild of Brandon and Lisa Boldt, who are also the head taproom brewer and assistant taproom manager at Odd13 Brewing in Lafayette. Primitive, which is both a blending facility and taproom, will only be open to visitors twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturdays from noon to 10 p.m. Primitive Beer is located at 2025 Ionosphere Street in Longmont.

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