Lizzo's got "one erection" for Niall Horan, and can ya blame her?

The "Rumors" singer sat down for an interview with the former One Direction member-turned-guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past Tuesday (Aug. 24), where she coined the hilarious term.

It all went down when the two pop stars began chatting about fandom names.

“With success comes fans and you know you’ve made it when your fans have their own name. Your fans go by what?” Horan asked her.

"The Lizzbians," Lizzo replied, while Horan added that his fans are called the "Horan Dogs."

“I think you’re giving me a one erection, baby," Lizzo teased in return.

The two exchanged more playful banter during the show and revealed the story behind their first meeting, which was in London at BBC Radio 1. When Lizzo was pulling up, she was stunned by the turnout of fans and thought they were waiting for her—but it turned out that they were actually waiting for Horan.

"I got out of the car and they didn't give a f--- about me," she admitted with a laugh. "I went inside and it was you and they introduced me to you and you were like, 'Congratulations Lizzo, you are smashing it.' And I was like, 'I'll smash you.'"

"Since then, all of my fans, and I'm sure your fans too, think we should date," Horan replied. "Maybe they're onto something."

Bouncing off the idea, Horan then quizzed Lizzo to test their compatibility. His first question was if she would make him sign a prenup if they got married. Lizzo said that she would trust him and not make him sign the legal document.

"I was just hoping that my next album would do well and I wouldn't have to steal any money, but I love you and trust you," Horan quipped.

The pair also both agreed that they should "honestly" go out to Dave & Buster's together and Horan promised that he would text her later.

Watch the chemistry unfold on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

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