On Wednesday, August 11, we're excited to welcome The Maine to Fort Collins (for probably their first time). We'll be hosting an intimate, private happy hour performance at The Coast in Old Town, and the only way in is to get your name onto the list.

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If you signed up for your chance to attend on the station app, scroll to see if your name has been chosen. If it has, you will also receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to RSVP and secure your spot. (What we're saying is, if you see your name here, check your email!) Invitees who confirm will be permitted one guest. Note that not all names will be posted at once — this page will be updated, so check back. All winners will be posted on this page by Monday, August 2.

The Maine Guest List Winners - Round 3 (FINAL!)

Laura Parker

Catherine Miller

Kyle Tobar

Blake Suppes

Lauren Eyer

Joe Carter

Hunter Briscoe

Jonathan Davidson

Tiana Robinson

Kayley Green

Luke Pomeroy

Sarah Anderson

Megan Wong

Erika Floyd

Lisa Southworth

Christine Dunne

Valerie Boffa

Sarah Pomeroy

Camron Eyer

The Maine Guest List Winners - Round 2

Kelee Hamilton

Katarina Miller

Andrea Roberts

Alexandra Romero

Tyler Adams

Renee Schmidt

Dallis Mack

Terran Hause

Jessica Tiel

Jacob Hanson

Amber Nicholson

Matthew Pulc

Anselmo Amaro

Keon Rice

Stephanie Pacheco

Olivia Tyler Labbe

Richard Rice

Lou Tyler Hartgraves

Ashlee Betche

Calen Burne

The Maine Guest List Winners - Round 1

Hailey Guyette

Sarah Reiner

Madison Rekemeyer

Lauren Ajak

Annamarie Reiner

Veronica Lapierre

Stephanie Tierney

Tasha Feichtinger

Taylor Thomas

Brianna Killins

Christine Peters

Elizabeth Hsieh

Miranda Sheinbaum

Catherine Nitti

Andrew Dougherty

Margaret Marr

Mike Boschert

Clint Petrun

Justine Von Koepping

Sky Siegel

Thanks to our partners at Virgin Music for making this performance possible. Please note that COVID safety protocols will determine the extent of artist meet and greets, and masks may be required. 

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