These jobs are definitely the most needed right now.

We are certainly living through some unprecedented times. We're in a pandemic that is effecting the entire world and the economy. During this time, some jobs are uncertain or simply do not exist for the time being. My hope is that when this is all said and done that we get most of our normalcy back and that we can improve on the things that were lacking before this pandemic struck.

That being said, LinkedIn recently looked at which jobs will be most in-demand in this midst of this pandemic and afterward.

The business networking hub looked at the pandemic's effects on other nations, especially China, to see how things might look in the U.S. Of course, no one can know exactly what will happen. However, they speculated that there would be a hiring downturn before a steady rise to business as usual.

The following jobs are the ones that are already emerging as the most in-demand.

Store Associate

hardware store
ferrerivideo, ThinkStock Images

Store associates are already in-demand. Despite being quarantined, there are still plenty of stores that have been deemed "essential" with shelves that need to be restocked. Imagine how much more in-demand these positions will be once the general population has been released back into the wild.

System Operator

gorodenkoff, ThinkStock Images
gorodenkoff, ThinkStock Images

A system operator does just that, keep the systems operating. These positions are already in-demand with companies and businesses moving to remote setups. That takes a lot of technology and a lot of resources to keep things running smoothly. Maybe this position should be called "smooth operator."

Certified Public Accountant

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Everyone is worried about their finances right now. Someone with a wealth of knowledge in numbers is definitely a crucial component. Whether it's managing massive assets and investments or just keeping yourself on a budget, an accountant can keep you on track.

Healthcare Specialist

wutwhanfoto, ThinkStock Images
wutwhanfoto, ThinkStock Images

For obvious reasons, healthcare is a big one right now. Any position that can keep people healthy is of the upmost importance. And that's not just while we're in the midst of this pandemic, it's also once we're out of quarantine. People will still need to be cared for.

Construction Worker

Shovel loaded with alphalt ready for paving
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Although a construction worker is valuable any time of year, I can't help but think about the maintenance of our roads and buildings during this time. Many of those things are being worked on now and being improved upon as construction work is "essential." However, I think many of these places are sitting vacant right now and will need some good TLC when this is all over.

Warehouse Manager

Overseer Wearing Hard Hat with Tablet Computer Counts Merchandise in Warehouse. He Walks Through Rows of Storage Racks with Merchandise.
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I can't imagine how crazy warehouses are right now. From deliveries of essential items to managing all of those e-commerce orders. Someone who can keep product moving and keep teams motivated is definitely a person who is in-demand.


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Quarantine is wreaking havoc on our mental health. For some it's simply being stir crazy, but for others it could be anxiety and panic attacks. We're also seeing many couples in China file for divorce following their time in quarantine. Someone who can help you navigate these waters is crucial.

Vehicle Mechanic

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When was the last time you started your car. For me, it had been over a week so I decided to let it run for a bit last night. Cars are meant to move and if yours sits too long, it will need some love to get moving again.

Academic Advisor

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My heart goes out to students right now. Many have lost an entire semester, others have had to move to online courses. I've even heard rumors about not giving out grades at the college level, but simply handing out "pass/fail" grades. Having an academic advisor is certainly an in-demand position for students in normal times, but especially now.

Delivery Driver

Truck Driver CB Radio Talk
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Just like warehouse workers, we need our delivery drivers. Drivers are necessary for grocery stores and e-commerce, but also for medical supplies and hospitals. These drivers are the bloodline of so much of our nation's industries.

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