Over the weekend we here at Townsquare Media had our first ever Ultimate 80's Party at the Sunset Event Center and if you went you know how much of a blast it was! I love any excuse to dress up in costume and since it was the 80's I used the movie 'The Labyrinth' as my motivation.  If you have never seen this movie, then you are missing out on a quintessential movie of the 80's. As we all know David Bowie was a huge icon of the 80's and he starred in that great film as Jareth the Goblin King, and I decided that that would be a great costume!And a great costume it was except I learned a few life lessons that I have only really heard about and never thought I would experience.

Make-Up Sucks

Now, I have had my fair share with make-up being that I was in drama in high school and during the two zombie crawls I have done I used a fair share. But, one big difference between that and my Bowie eye make up is that the other make-up was stage make up, this was real make-up that I had my girlfriend put on for me because I would have done a horrible job. I say it sucks because it was hot at the dance and pretty sure my mascara ran (one of many things I never thought I would say in my life) into my eyes because I kept rubbing it because it was kind of itchy. Another reason is that stuff is hard to get off! I used make-up remover and I looked like a raccoon after and I showered the next day and pretty sure I still had eye liner on my face when I went out in public.


Leggings are extremely comfortable!

If you have seen the 'Labyrinth' you know that Bowie wears some tight pants. Well, to remain authentic, I did too.  I wore a pair of gray leggings that apparently made my butt look like "a couple of ripe apples", one quote I got from the night. Anyway, I thought that they would be kind of uncomfortable for whatever reason, but nope they were actually quite comfy. I don't think I am going to add them to my wardrobe but, at least I know.

Heels SUCK!

I don't know how many times I have heard woman complain about wearing heels and then say I wouldn't understand until I wore a pair. Well, guess what ladies, I feel your pain, I wore a pair of heels for only 6 1/2 hours or so and ouch. At first I was like, " this is nothing" then after about the 1st hour of being on my feet I started to feel it. The swelling of the feet, the cramping of the toes, the pain that feels like it is in your bones. It was one of the greatest feelings to take those things off at the end of the night. Side note, I also experienced driving in them and that sucked too! I didn't know that most woman take them off to drive, lesson learned.

There are 3 things I learned by dressing up as David Bowie. Was it worth it, yes! Would I do it again? Hell yes!


I have to thank 'Wear it Again Sams' for having the awesome shirt and vest, and 'Life of the Party for having the gloves and wig. Those are essential to become Bowie. I am also glad that the GoodWill had some woman's boots in a large size for my feet!

My inspiration



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