I am gonna let my inner geek show here for a min while I talk about this game. First let me say this, I love video games of every genre. I am a huge nerd when it comes to them. When I saw this trailer my inner child smiled a bit. The LEGO video games are pure fun. The incorporate strategy and humor beautifully in a game. If you play video games and haven't played any in the series, you are missing out. They have "LEGO Batman", LEGO Indiana Jones", LEGO Harry Potter" and the one that started all of it "LEGO Star Wars". I have played most of them and they are full of fun and the humor is well done. From things your character has to do, to things in the environment. Sadly there is not more to this trailer, but its sure to be as fun as the others... I hope. LEGO Pirates should be coming out on all of the consoles as well as the PC.