Loveland's Top Hat Saloon is a well-known biker/dive bar on 5th Street in Downtown, just west of Cleveland Avenue. It's been in operation at that location for decades. That's about to change.

I can't imagine how many how many shots of whiskey, how many games of pool, how many bands, how many cheap beers, or how many bikers have gone down or through Top Hat since it opened. I did a story on how a Jim Croce song may be based on the Loveland bar. Maybe we can write a new song about what's about to happen.

Things are changing in Downtown Loveland; a lot of new things are coming in. Comet Chicken, for example, on the other side of Verboten Brewing (right next to Top Hat), is on it's way to 5th Street. Cleveland Station, at the southeast corner of 5th and Cleveland, is taking shape, with a new bar included. With change comes opportunity. Opportunity for landlords to ask for more money in Downtown.

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It's going to be hard to fathom that the Top Hat isn't at the current location anymore come February of 2022. The rent for the space is going up to an amount that the bar just cannot afford, so they'll be 'taking their hat' elsewhere at that time.

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I reached out to Top Hat Saloon and they tell me that they are currently working on finding a new, affordable space for the legendary bar. It's going to be wild to have something else at 123 East 5th Street, that's for sure.

A Brief History of Top Hat in Downtown Loveland

  • The original Top Hat opened on 4th Street, where 'Chillers' most recently was.
  • Charlie Bryant moved Top Hat to the 5th Street location.
  • Was known as 'PJ's' for some time.
  • 'PJ's' was sold and once again became Top Hat Lounge/Saloon.

Wherever it may be, the new location for Top Hat probably won't come with years of memories; there's no way to take that with them to the new space.

We'll be watching closely for announcements on the going away party for the old place and the location of the NEW Top Hat as they 'Keep on Truckin'.'

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