I tried to do some math on the calculator on my iPhone, but apparently, the numbers top out at the 100 million mark. Oh well... What was I talking about? Ah yes, legal marijuana! It has been a seemingly successful venture for the legal cannabis industry here in Colorado since recreational sales began on January 1st of 2014.


Year after year, sales of flower, concentrates, and edibles have eclipsed previous year sales with no signs of slowing down. 2018's numbers made another record of $1.55 billion. Passing 2017's numbers by $38 million. Since the legalization of cannabis at a recreational level, there has been a total of $6,039,711,766 in sales.

The Colorado Department of Revenue has received more than $260 million in taxes in 2018. Colorado's Department of Revenue's tax collection is over $927 million since marijuana's legalization in 2014.

Source: Westword 

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