I remember when I was younger, a restaurant ending up on the naughty list of the County Inspector wouldn't really have bothered me. However, when I go out now, inspection results can have an impact. The most recent results of 165 Larimer County establishments, between 4/5/16 and 4/19/16 have been posted. I went through the list and came up with some of the establishments that definitely need some improvement and some that are doing an amazing job.


La Creperie - 2722 S. College Ave

Las Delicias - Meat Market - 1311 N College Ave


Matador Mexican Grill - 1747 Rocky Mountain Ave.

Good Times Drive Tru Burgers - 1355 N. lincoln Ave

McDonalds - 1355 N. Denver Ave.


Everyday Joe's - 144 S, Mason

Zwei Bruder Brewing - 4612 S. Mason St

Hissho Sushi - 2601 S. Lemay

Gibs Bagels - 2815 Harmony Rd

Get all of the most recent results HERE.

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