Laramie County District Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg says his office handled a record number of cases in 2016.

"I can't comment on crime rates because that's not what we track, but I can tell you that the overall caseload was up over ten percent last year," said Sandburg.

"That's about a seven percent increase to the misdemeanor caseload, a 20 percent increase to the juvenile caseload -- that's delinquencies and CHINS (children in need of services) petitions and abuse/neglect cases -- and then a 25 percent increase to our felony caseload, which is just astronomical," Sandburg added.

Sandburg says the caseload shows the need for a fourth District Court judge, if not a fifth.

"We did 28 trials last year which is a new record for the District Court," said Sandburg.

"I had hoped that it would be many years coming before we got to this point," added Sandburg. "We're talking about setting records that are not all good."

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