It's a clash of the divas, sort of. Remember that collabo between Lady Gaga and Cher, where two generations of pop divas collided in what we thought would be an instant and epic classic?

It's a case of "Whatever happened to..." Cher gave up the goods about the track's fate.

While Cher, 67, loves the tune, Gaga doesn't. As a result, the song is not going to appear on Cher's upcoming album. Boo!

"I did a song with Gaga and I think it's brilliant and I thought her performance was great but she doesn't like it," Cher said (quote via Digital Spy).

And if Gaga doesn't like it, that means it probably won't go any further.

Monsters, don't you think Gaga should give the song up to the court of public opinion and let us decide? Cher has gone as far as to call the track "brilliant," so it can't be bad or unworthy. We hope this track isn't a lost Gaga tune that never sees the light of day.

We have another suggestion: Go back to the studio and recut it, ladies.

Cher's upcoming album has 'Closer to the Truth' as its working title and it's her first album since 2001's 'Living Proof.' She spoke a bit about the moods on the 12-years-in-the-making album, saying, "The songs are really good. They're dance songs but they're kind of fun. There are some tongue-in-cheek songs... there's some really sad songs. One is Pink's and it's called 'Lie to Me.'"

Cher also claimed responsibility for the record's delay, saying, "Truthfully, my record company should have dropkicked my a-- a long time ago. I wasn't doing what they wanted me to do. They said, 'You have to get serious or there isn't going to be any album.'"

The label dropped the hammer. Now if only Cher could do the same with Gaga regarding their song...

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