Last week when I had a sick day, all I wanted as I was sniffling on the couch was a massive Krazy Karl's pizza all to myself. I tried to make the order and was denied...and now I know why.

If you were denied some delicious Krazy Karl's recently as well, it might be because of their recent store changes. According to a Facebook post (screenshotted below), the original location of Krazy Karl's is getting a makeover.

The location in Campus West at 1124 W. Elizabeth St. will be closed for the month of July.


Over the years, Krazy Karl's business has been growing to the point where they've needed to open a second location on Timberline. Until their original store is renovated (in the same style as the Timberline location), all orders will transfer through that location.

Once the OG location is renovated, the business claims they'll be able to produce 75% more pizza. More delicious, cream cheese-y pizza? I'm down for that.

For more, head to Krazy Karl's website right here.

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