I'm still planning on getting up to the former Hidden Valley Ski Area in Rocky Mountain National Park this winter, as it's some of the best sledding imaginable. You can bring your skis or your board if you want, too.

Having made some obligatory trips to Mary Jane recently, I'm reminded of all the back-country skiiers and riders you always see in certain parts of Highway 40, hitch hiking, or at least hiking. This is what's left of what was for years Berthoud Pass Ski Area.

Here are a few photos of right after it opened in the early 1950s.

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It's said to have been the first ski resort in the state of Colorado...

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And a lot of people say it was the first to welcome snowboarders.


In 2002, it closed, from lack of funds.  The following year, the lifts were taken down.  In 2005, CDOT began restoring the area to its natural state, starting with tearing down the historic lodge.


In 2008, a warming hut with restroom facilities was built on Berthoud Pass.

And all of this.... remains:


A group called Friends of Berthoud Pass likes to explore the area and is dedicated to preserving it as one for public recreation.