If you're a longtime Coloradan like me, you know that Northern Colorado is already a great place to grow up.

But the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County help make it even better. For $20 a year, any child between the ages of 6 to 18 years old can join when school is not in session.

Originally founded in an old Fort Collins retail store in 1986, the Club has grown into nine different locations serving 600 to 800 kids every day.

With a mission to enable young people to reach their full potentials, the Club plays an integral role in molding children into productive, caring, and responsible adults.

The organization also works closely with the Boys & Girls Club of America by adopting many of the nationwide club practices, according to Kaycee Headrick, the Chief Executive Officer of the Larimer County division.

The practices include strategies such as the "Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development," which ensure that every child is treated safely, supported, and recognized.

These strategies also hold fun and opportunity to a high standard. In fact, the Club plans a trip to take the kids to play with the Colorado Rockies every year.

But most importantly, the Club treats children as human beings, not just kids. "It's about a cooperative learning environment," said Headrick. "It's about working with them as people and helping them develop to their full potential."

To find out more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County and learn about their upcoming events, listen to our full interview with Kaycee Headrick below.

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