One Fort Collins resident is warning our community of a group of high school-age kids harassing them with obscene comments and spying on them with binoculars.

According to a post on, Fort Collins resident Andrew Breen says a group of high school-age kids hanging out by the fishing pond and railroad tracks by the waste water plant north of Drake/Ziegler were yelling obscene comments through a megaphone at a group of homes in the Rigden Farm subdivision. He believes the kids were spying on his neighbors with binoculars due to their obscene comments such as, "Get it on already so we can watch."

From his back porch, Breen witnessed their gross behavior for about 15 minutes before they left the area in cars with their lights off.

Breen contacted both Fort Collins Police Services and the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, though it's not clear whether the issue has been looked into.

While this issue needs to be taken care of, it's always a good idea as a citizen to keep your blinds closed at night and be aware that bored kids are prowling on the weekends. One initial reaction might be that these kids are trying to "be cool," but in my opinion, that's a stupid excuse. As one commenter replied to Breen's post, this behavior is voyeurism and harassment, which is never okay. If you're the parent of teenagers, this could also serve as a good lesson to teach your kids that this disgusting behavior will not be tolerated you you as a parent...or the law.

I had a similarly gross situation happen to myself earlier this summer where 3 teenage boys in Windsor asked me for sexual favors. Read my open letter to their oblivious parents HERE.

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