Want to celebrate New Year's Eve with the kiddos? Here are some ideas! If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve with the whole family, here are some activities that won't have you staying up til 2am. Or do these events first and then go out later to ring in the new year, after the kids have gone to bed.

1) Sharkey's party - the Denver Auquriuam is having it's own New Year's Eve Party. The event will include animal attractions, prizes & give a-ways, a beach party and a balloon drop with sparkling cider toast. Price ranges from $0-$29.

2) Denver Zoo Lights - The Denver Zoo are celebrating New Years Eve with their Denver Zoo Lights. Enjoy all the lights and animal attractions before 9pm, have dinner and then enjoy the fireworks and countdown to New Year's Eve at 9pm. All in time to have the kids in bed before midnight.

3) Barkhappy - If your kiddo's walk on all fours and have fur, there's even an event for them! Tickets are $12 and go to proceeds for the animal shelter. There are tons of freebies for your beloved kid as well. There's also prizes for the humans including champagne.