Hey Kesha, we like your beard! The ever-crazy ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ songstress stepped out recently sporting a fresh viking beard, and if we had to guess, we bet she couldn’t be any happier to finally have her own facial hair.

You see, Kesha has a bit of a thing for beards — or guys with beards in general, at least — we’re not so sure. The 24-year-old pop icon even started a Tumblr blog dedicated to random hairy faces, a la Put Your Beard in My Mouth. That’s where she posted the little gem shown above, of an unnamed person, in a see-through t-shirt, wearing a beard cap and a pair of sunglasses.

“GUESS WHO…” she included as a caption on the photo, which helped us guess that the ‘man’ behind the mask is in fact Miss Kesha Rose in the flesh … and beard. In case you can’t tell, her sweet viking cap is actually knitted and attached to the braided yarn beardage, which just makes for awesome winter warmth.

Hats off to you, Kesha! We’re digging the new look.

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