Hey, remember that time (think way back to yesterday) when Justin Bieber wizzed in a nightclub's mop bucket and then said, "F--- Bill Clinton!' as he was exiting the building? Yeah, we do too.

Apparently the former POTUS received a phone call from Justin Bieber shortly after the video leaked, in which the singer apologized for what was said. So how did President Clinton respond?

A source at US Weekly stated: "President Clinton took it in jest, and said, 'if that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.' But he did have some advice for The Biebs. After Bieber confessed that "friends" of his sold the video, President Clinton told him to, "watch [his] friends" and "to focus on the good he does in the world." To smooth things over, Bieber even offered to help out with the Clinton Global Initiative.

It seems as though Justin was pleased with the exchange he had with the 42nd President of the United States of America because he tweeted:

That being said, we still don't understand the small amount of animosity Justin had (at that moment in time) against Bill. All things considered, Justin was a ripe old age of seven when Clinton finished his presidency, not to mention he is a Canadian citizen.

Regardless, we're glad everything's smoothed over!