Jordyn Woods has reportedly been cut from all businesses associated with the Kardashian family.

Sources close to the family have told TMZ that Woods will no longer be included in partnerships. She has enjoyed a long working relationship with the famous family, but won't be working with them again. Woods previously teamed up with best friend Kylie Jenner on her makeup line, and had her own page on Khloe Kardashian's Good American fashion site.

Her Good American page has been removed from the site. Insiders allege that she ruined any chances of working for or with the company in the future when she allegedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson.

Jenner has also cut business ties with Woods and removed her from her home. In fact, TMZ reported that Jenner revoked her former friend's security clearance for the gated neighborhood she resides in. Jenner, however, is said to be open to reconciliation down the line. Insiders are saying the Kardashian family would not be shocked if the pair made up and became friends again down the line.

Still, Jenner does not plan to work with Woods in any capacity again. Even if the 21-year-old decides to take her friend back, the rest of the family is adamant that she'll never get in good with them again, the outlet reported.

The drama began at a house party on Feb. 23. Woods was reportedly caught kissing Thompson during the event, which led Kardashian to cut him out of her life after an apparent confession. The pair are said to have been involved for some time, but weren't caught until the party.

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