This month has been an emotional roller coaster, with most of us holed up inside bingeing Netflix like we never have before. That's why, on this April Fool's Day, a lot of folks are eschewing the jokes in favor of just getting through another day.

Governor Polis decided, however, that we might need some levity, and started off his day with a lighter joke that doesn't involve much panic...much.

"Due to overwhelming internet traffic, all Coloradans will now be limited to 5 minutes of Netflix streaming per day," his Facebook status started off, giving many across Colorado a collective heart attack. In the same post, though, he continued on:

April Fools! Watch all the Tiger King and Mandalorian you can handle. As long as you stay at home to save lives.

Polis continues to enforce the stay-at-home order across the state, but at least there are no real restrictions on our Netflix accounts...for the time being. Check out Polis's full post here:


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