Governor Jared Polis pulled no punches describing how he feels about Colorado residents who don't wear a mask in a Monday social media media post.

As the mask debate continues to heat up around the country, Colorado's governor is stepping into the ring with a post on Facebook Sunday (July 12) specifically calling out people who don't believe in wearing a mask. The comments were attached to an article from the University of California that shows, in a new study, wearing a mask reduces "risk by 65 percent".

From Facebook:

If you’re a selfish bastard and wearing a mask to protect others isn’t enough of a reason to do so, then maybe protecting yourself is?


According to Newsweek, this followed a flurry of new orders from the governor limiting petition gathering for elections, adding rent relief to struggling residents, and requiring high risk residents to stay home as much as possible.


Source: Facebook and Newsweek

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