From alligator snapping turtles to Siberian tigers to reticulated giraffes, the Denver Zoo is home to a plethora of animals from all over the world. Now, the zoo is adding a new species to its list.

According to a Facebook post from the zoo, a six-year-old, red-flanked duiker named Chicken has found his home at the Denver Zoo — and he's the first red-flanked duiker there.

The zoo notes that red-flanked duikers are tiny antelopes that live in western and central Africa. Animal Diversity Web reports that the animals have orange-red coats, gray markings, and large preorbital glands that give them bulgy cheeks.

They are also herbivores that live around five years in the wild and up to 15 years in captivity.

Hayley C. & Denver Zoo // Facebook
Chicken, the red-flanked duiker. Courtesy of Hayley C. & Denver Zoo // Facebook.

"Normally, duikers are relatively reserved and shy, but Chicken is no chicken!" reads the Denver Zoo's Facebook post. "Our animal care specialists report that he's very brave and curious, absolutely loves his browse, and is getting more comfortable with the team by the day."

The zoo says Chicken will stay behind the scenes in the hoofstock department for a few months while he adjusts to his new home. He'll move into a public-facing exhibit this summer.

In the meantime, you can check out another new member of the Denver Zoo: an Asian elephant named Duncan. Duncan came to Denver from Houston in April, and you can find him hanging out with his new herd at the Toyota Elephant Passage.

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