Get ready for an overload of cuteness.

Adopting a pet is a very special experience. In the blink of an eye, an animal gains a home, a family, a name, and hopefully, all kinds of love.

Naming a pet is also a lot of fun for the owner of said pet. Some names describe the pet's appearance or demeanor, some have sentimental meanings, and some just seem like what that animal should be named.

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In any case, the more time you spend with a pet, the more likely you are to give it numerous nicknames. As is the case with a significant other, it's not uncommon for pets to gain nicknames that are terms of endearment like "sweetie," "honey," etc.

However, other nicknames given to pets describe the animal's temperament and personality more so than its given name. It's not uncommon to find pets with nicknames such as "goofball."

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Colorado residents what nicknames they use to call their pets that aren't their actual names. Not only did I get all kinds of great responses, but if you keep scrolling you'll be able to see some of these pets with your own two eyes.

Colorado Residents Call Their Pets by Many Nicknames

As mentioned above, many of the nicknames given to these Colorado pets are terms of endearment like pumpkin, sweetie, cuddle bug, and honey bunny. In addition, many of the nicknames are creative modifications of the pet's given name.

However, there are also nicknames mentioned that seem straight out of left field, as you'll see below:

These Colorado Pets Have All Kinds of Different Nicknames

Sure, every pet has a given name, but these Colorado pets also have nicknames given to them that are all across the board.

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