For upwards of a century, the building at 2060 Champa Street in downtown Denver served the community as the quintessential dive bar. Carioca Cafe, better known by its nickname Bar Bar, was the type of place where you could hop off a Greyhound Bus and grab a beer in the wee hours of the morning.

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In addition to its dive bar status, Bar Bar served as a music venue and was a sort of home base for punk rockers, hipsters, and anyone else who tolerated the graffiti and raunchy smell of the restrooms.

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Unfortunately, Bar Bar's official Facebook page published a post with a dire image of what had once been the iconic dive bar, destroyed by what appears to have been the result of arson.

Denver Colorado's Historic Bar Bar Destroyed by Fire

On Monday, June 24, 2024, Bar Bar posted the following devastating news on Facebook:

It was established that the fire was ignited outside of the building and fortunately, the Denver Fire Department arrived in such haste that the majority of the building's interior came out much more unscathed than the outer walls.

While yes, the bar's reputation often preceded itself, the history of Bar Bar only adds to its legend. For example, in the early days, the building was home to a brothel. As time progressed, Bar Bar hosted such famous faces as Dick Van Dyke and Mr. T.

Presently, the bar's future remains uncertain.

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