It's a match made right here in ColoradoRocky Mountain views and treehouse. Only these treehouses are all grown up and have gone on to become some very comfortable rentals featured by Airbnb.

If you're looking to escape this summer but also try something different, you definitely need to do some research into treehouse rentals.

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Fun Outdoor-Themed Rentals from

Colorado is a state that is in love with Airbnb. There are so many cool rentals that there are almost too many choices. I joke that I can never find the same rental twice unless I bookmark it. Want to sleep in a rustic cabin? They got that. Sleep in a teepee? Check. What about a cool treehouse? Yup.

Colorado's Little Red Treehouse

Treehouse rentals

The most popular treehouse rental in Colorado is one you may have seen pictures of. The Little Red Treehouse in Lyons became available for guests in 2018. Today, it is still one of the coolest places you can stay on your way to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Keep going to check out some additional treehouse rentals that all have their own cool features.

A Plumbing Reminder

One thing to remember about renting a treehouse is that some of them do not include indoor plumbing. There are some really cool off-grid rentals that can get you out into the wild, but it might mean a composting toilet.

If you would rather have all the comforts and more, places like the Ultimate Treehouse in Blackhawk. Keep going to check it out.

5 Colorado Treehouse Rentals Offer a Fun Summer Escape

If you want to change up your surroundings this summer, why not try a Colorado treehouse rental from Airbnb? Colorado is loaded with treehouse rentals of all shapes and sizes. Keep going to check out five treehouse rentals that range from off-grid living to luxury accommodations.

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