If you live in the Northern Colorado region, like to gamble, and like a good meal, Wyoming will be welcoming you with open arms, when this new facility opens.

It's one thing to visit one of the many casinos in Colorado for some fun; how likely though will Coloradans be to travel to just across the Colorado/Wyoming border to gamble?

If you did not know, Wyoming has had slot machine gambling for a couple of years, where the games are actually Historical Horse Races; it's confusing to me, but it's legit.

While they don't have any dice games or felt games, these Wyoming casinos have been doing well enough that they're expanding, in a big way. They must have done a fair amount of research to determine that us Coloradans want to travel north to play these games and do some off track betting.

Where Is This New Gambling Facility in Wyoming?

Horse Palace at Swan Ranch, a 30,000 sq-ft complex, is just a few miles outside of Colorado at exit 4 off of I-25. It seems they're hoping that just as Coloradans travel just across the border for fireworks, we'll travel just across the border for slot machines and Off Track Betting.

A High-End Restaurant Inside Wyoming Border Casino

According to Cowboy State Daily, Coloradans who visit this new Horse Palace at Swan Ranch casino/facility will be treated great food under the instruction of a well-trained chef, Shawn Jackson, at the High Plains Steakhouse. Be ready to order their 32-ounce porterhouse when you get there.

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Outside rendering of new gambling complex north of Colorado border
Courtesy: Horse Palace at Swan Ranch

I guess I'll be one to give them a shot; I've never really been into off track betting, but I do like slot machines and good food enough to make the relatively short drive from Loveland.

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