Sunday afternoon, a single engine Mooney M20C took off from Cheyenne, WY for a routine flight south to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield when the solo pilot on board begin experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Knowing he wouldn't make it to his destination, the 36-year old pilot began searching for someplace safe to touch down and ended up doing so on southbound Highway 287 just north of Niwot Road, south of Longmont.

Police were quickly on the scene and closed the road, then helped to push the plane off the road and out of the way before ultimately re-opening the road to traffic a few hours later.

The tail number of the aircraft - N6667U - doesn't show any flights in the database for the last couple of weeks. Normally, you're able to pull up recent flights on either FlightAware or FlightRadar24 to see exactly what happened, but in this case, none were logged on either site for yesterday.

Additionally, it's not known whether the plane was hauled away by a truck or eventually repaired and allowed to take off from the road again.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

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