Maybe it's the times that we live in, when some "weird" thing pops up in Northern Colorado, we have to go nuts about it.

I have a friend who lives in Illinois, and he has even reached out to me about "that crazy monolith in Bellvue!" I hope I'm not alone when I say, "Can we all just calm down a little bit?

Considering all the natural wonders in Colorado, even in little Bellvue, I am mystified that people from not just the state but across America are "mystified" by this monolith.

People spotted the monolith near Noosa in Bellvue, Colorado, during the last week of June 2024. They immediately began chiming in on how "cool" it was and how "mysterious" its appearance was. Again, maybe we all could use a good distraction now and again.

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Northern Colorado Monolith Causes Stir

I'll be the first to agree that a lot of work must have gone into making the thing, but many hours, days and years can also go into creating some of the wonderful pieces of art that you'll find in our state.

Should this piece of art receive more attention simply because it is on a hill in a rural area?

Aliens in Bellevue
byu/Parrhesia80 inFortCollins

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These monoliths that have been "appearing" across the country are just people looking to get people's attention, which they do: "Why would a monolith just appear?" the people remark. Again, I say, let's all calm down a little.

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