It began as just a little "fun thing to do" in 2015. It has grown into one of the most-fun events that's held in Fort Collins. Big butts, costumes, and smiles. Tour de Corgi.

There were hundreds of "fluffy butts" and hundreds more smiles (humans and Corgis included) at the 2022 Tour de Corgi in Fort Collins, on a beautiful fall day, October 1. If you weren't able to make it, we have a lot of fun photos from that Saturday.

TSM/Dave Jensen
TSM/Dave Jensen

A day that was all about Welsh Corgis and the joy they bring to just about everyone they come across. Personally, I would not be eager to meet a person who doesn't have a soft spot for the "Dwarf Dogs" (Corgi translated from Welsh.)

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The 2022 Tour de Corgi was a very fun (roughly) 4-hour event that began at Civic Center park with vendors and the great costume contest. The event then left the park in a parade through Downtown for everyone to see their glory. The 2022 event was the first that I'd attended, and I'm glad a finally got my butt out of bed to see those big, fluffy butts.


The Costume Contest, which had three judges (including Fort Collins' "Dude Dad") had the chore of deciding which ones were best in eight categories:

  • Completely Creative
  • Purdiest Corgi
  • Baddest to the Bone
  • Funniest Furry
  • Greatest Group
  • Best Camping Corgi
  • Best Camping Corgi Group
  • Best Queen & Corgis

Tour de Corgi has grown a lot, over the years, and the costs (permits, portalets, etc.) add up. You can donate to the event and help to make 2023's Tour de Corgi even more awesome.

Take a look at 55 photos from the 2022 Tour de Corgi:

Photos from the 2022 Tour de Corgi in Fort Collins

It was a day of "fluffy butts," costumes, and smiles!

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