Not many things can make a Coloradan angrier than getting ripped off. When it's because someone "pulled the wool over your eyes," it's even worse.

Sure, you may have ordered something online, that never arrived: that's getting ripped off. You may have purchased an item that turned out to be worth much, much less than you paid: That is also getting ripped off.

What about when someone poses as someone else, and gets you do do something that will, in the end, make you look foolish and be out of a lot of money?

That has got to be the worst.

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Isn't it sad, that when you hear about how people get scammed, you think," How could they have fallen for that?;" but, it's easy after the fact, to say that. Being there, when it happens is often, completely different.

New Con Has Taken Over $200,000 from People in Colorado

According to Westword, the scams have been happening in Douglas County, Denver, and Boulder, but that's not to say it won't spread across the state.

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How Does This New Scam in Colorado Work?

The perpetrators get "you" to think that they really are your bank calling, and get your login and password information; they then use that information to drain your account.

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You would have to think that these victims were nervous about giving out that information; the criminals must have sounded very legitimate.

'Put Your Cards in Your Mailbox'

This one just seems crazy to imagine: The scammers tell victims that there is something wrong with their credit/debit cards, and that the victims should put the cards in their mailboxes for a bank staffer to come by and pick up. Wow.

Boulder Police offer a few tips:

  • Hang up on suspicious phone calls from people claiming to be with your banking or financial institution. If you have concerns, call the bank or credit union directly using the number on the back of your cards.
  • Do not forward your phone number if requested to do so by someone claiming to be with your financial institution (this is one of the ways they can bypass security setups)
  • Do not place your debit/credit cards or any personally identifiable information in your mailbox
  • Report suspicious calls/possible scams to both the police and your banking institution

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