The summer months in Colorado are amazing. It is hard to pinpoint the absolute best part of summer in Colorado.

The scenic landscapes, countless rivers and lakes, outdoor concerts, and events are hard to beat.

My favorite thing about summer in Colorado is not anything visual. My favorite thing about summer in Colorado is that each community comes together. I may sound tacky, but it is incredibly refreshing. When the winter months are here I have an extremely hard time finding motivation to go out and do things.

When the summer is here I love going to a park, eating at a food truck rally, and spending time with people.

One Thing We Hate About Summer in Colorado


Most of us are not insect enthusiasts. I would say the majority of us get annoyed by the number of insects we deal with during the best months of the year.

Believe it or not, there are fewer insects in Colorado right now compared to previous years. Scientists have noticed the massive decline in insects and are working to repopulate insects in the state.

I certainly have not noticed a decline in Fort Collins. I can't take a step on my lawn without an army of grasshoppers launching themselves at me.

We asked you on our app, and on social media, to identify which insect is the most annoying in Colorado. Here are the results.

RANKED: 12 Most Annoying Insects During Colorado Summers

We asked, you answered, and now we officially know what insects bug Coloradans the most.

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

We Want To Hear From You, Colorado

Do you feel like there were any insects that we missed? Send us a message below. We want to include your answer.

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