We dealt with a major snowstorm last week in Colorado. Some areas were certainly hit harder than others. The storm may have brought Colorado to a standstill, but crime kept rolling.

One snowplow driver made a surprising decision that helped local law enforcement and residents in Grant County.

Colorado Man on the Run


CBS reports that a man named Randy Calvin was trying to evade police in Grant County.

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The Empire Police Department was trying to evade police during the snowstorm in his Jeep.

An unexpected hero came to the rescue

Colorado Snowplow Driver Saves the Day


A snowplow driver with the Colorado Department of Transportation noticed the chase, grew concerned for everybody's safety, and drove his truck into Calvin's Jeep.

Calvin was evading police in dangerous conditions and could have potentially hurt many other drivers. The snowplow driver stepped up to the plate and took matters into his own hands.

CDOT Driver Crashes Intentionally

The Colorado Department of Transportation snowplow driver intentionally crashed into Calvin's Jeep and ended the snow-covered chase.

Law enforcement is well-equipped and trained to deal with these situations.

CDOT snowplow drivers? Not so much. We would like to take a moment here and say that this person was brave, courageous, and selfless in this situation.

It must have been a scary situation fueled with adrenaline and we are glad that every person involved did not have any injuries.

Randy Calvin, the driver evading police,  had a warrant for his arrest and that is the primary suspicion as to why he evaded police. After he was captured, he was immediately charged and sent to prison.

Source: CBS News

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