Hop in your vehicle and take a drive anywhere in Colorado and you are bound to witness at least a handful of people driving well over the speed limit. When I was driving on the interstate this past weekend, a car flew by us doing at least 120 miles per hour. It was almost like we were at a standstill.

This past weekend seemed like it would be a great idea for one Northern Colorado driver to their luck and see how fast they could go. Little did that driver know, that Fort Collins Police were conveniently in the area. The driver was observed driving more than twice the speed limit in Fort Collins. The car was radared at 84 miles per hour in a 40-mile-per-hour zone.

Fort Collins Police attempted to make contact with the vehicle further down the road. The driver then proceeded to accelerate rapidly from a stop light up to 79 miles per hour. The driver of the vehicle was stopped in a 55-mile-per-hour zone.

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Fort Collins Police issued the driver a summons for numerous driving violations for the reckless driving. The driver also had to arrange some sort of transportation as their car was towed due to their driving actions.

Fort Collins Police posted about this incident on Facebook saying:

This dangerous driving puts innocent lives at risk, and it won't be tolerated on our roadways.

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