TikTok really does have every type of drama imaginable.

On Nov. 8, TikTok user @Katenacious, real name Kate, stitched a TikTok and shared the story of how she discovered that her husband and mother were having an affair, all while she was dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of their twins at 29 weeks.

"Their affair lasted about four months before I finally definitively caught them red handed," she explained. "... When I did confirm that the affair was happening, I did leave immediately with my children."

"The night that I left with my daughters, my mother moved into my house with my husband," Kate recalled. "They continued to play house until I served my husband with divorce papers that also stated that I would be filing for 100% custody of my children."

She shared that her estranged husband and mother were actually attempting to get married, which meant that their children, would make Kate's mother not only their grandmother, but also stepmother and for Kate, would mean that her own children, would become her stepsisters.

"But alas, my husband got tired of her too so he dumped her, kicked her out of the house, and she went crawling back to my dad who welcomed her back with open arms.” Kate added that her parents act like the affair never happened.

She alleged that her parents told her "in their own words" that "The affair would have never happened if Katherine wasn't such a horrible daughter and horrible wife." Kate hasn't spoken to her parents in two years.

The initial TikTok received nearly 2 million views 180,000 favorites, so Kate made subsequent videos to detail how she discovered that they were sleeping together. She noted that she would see "red flags" between her mother and husband. One of the instances was that they began greeting each other very longingly and he gave his mother-in-law foot rubs in front of Kate. He also brought flowers for Kate's mom on Valentine's Day and even said with "multiple witnesses" that if Kate and her father died simultaneously, that they would end up together.

It was Kate's grandmother that told her about Kate's mother and husband's odd behavior together. One day, her husband was running late so she FaceTimed him and although he said he was in a nearby city, his car's window showed that he was actually in their hometown. He finally admitted that he was in the hometown before a woman in the background told him something and then he hung up on her. She called him back and he refused to show her the passenger seat.

Her sister saw Kate's husband pick up their mother with a DoorDash. She called her mother eight times before she finally answered. Kate asked her to tell her why she was sleeping with her husband and proceeded to go into a rant. They claimed that they weren't sleeping together but the next day, they came clean and admitted that they were having an affair.

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