A woman on Reddit is wondering if she did the right thing by contacting the police after learning her mom stole her credit card to buy fast food and clothing.

A few weeks ago, the woman's mom asked if her daughter could loan her about $500, with the promise that she would Cash App her the borrowed money when she got her next paycheck. "I told her no. She tried to argue with me, but I shut her down, and she let it go," the woman wrote.

The following week, however, she noticed her credit card was missing.

"I had logged onto my account online to pay my balance since my check came through that morning, and I saw that my balance was much higher than I had expected. There were three charges I expected: my electric bill and my phone bill and some gas, and then several charges that I knew weren’t from me. They were for fast food, clothing places, etc.," she explained.

The woman thought it might be a glitch, so she called her credit card company and tried to remember where she might have misplaced the card. However, when she called her mom to vent her worries about the stolen card, her mom revealed she was the one who had the card.

"When I told mom what happened, she told me not to worry and that it wasn’t stolen, she had just borrowed it. To be honest, I did lose my cool once I realized she wasn’t joking. She insisted she’d Cash App me the money when she [got] paid the next day, and that she thought she’d be able to handle it before I even noticed," she explained.

The infuriated woman told her mom to cut up the card, as she had already deactivated it anyway, while her mom told her to stop being "such a brat" about helping her out.

"Things escalated from there, and I did call her some names before telling her to not contact/come around me and hanging up. After that, I called the police both in my area and hers to see which precinct I needed to file charges with," she shared.

"My mom has blown up my phone so much since this that I’ve had to block her, and she is posting all over Facebook about how I’m getting her thrown back in jail just for borrowing some money, and how she can’t understand how she raised such a stingy child," the woman concluded.

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In the comments section, readers advised the woman to press charges and speculated that her mom may have had issues with the law before.

"Thrown BACK in jail? So your mother has a habit of not being exactly law-abiding? Yeah, you did the right thing. Do not back down, press charges. She is not someone you need in your life," one person commented.

"Your mother committed credit card fraud. If this is the U.S., this is a felony, and will be treated as such. She should have thought about that from the beginning. If she didn't wanna go back to jail, well, maybe don't steal s--t!" another wrote.

"Don't let her guilt trip you. I get the feeling there is a long history of similar behavior in your past and you have plenty of reasons for doing this, not just one incident. You do not need this toxicity in your life," someone else weighed in.

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