An influencer who damaged a historic building in Mexico while trying to film a video for social media reportedly got a concussion and a hefty fine.

In a viral video shared on Reddit, TikTok influencer Johnny Montesana walks along a stone ridge on the side of the Government Palace of Guadalajara while attempting to do some parkour.

As he nears the edge, he appears to assess the distance between the next ridge before leaping across as spectators watch from below.

As his feet make contact with the stone, it crumbles underneath his weight and he tumbles to the ground, seemingly hitting his head in the process.

Watch below:

In the comments section on Reddit, users slammed the influencer for damaging the building all in the name of going viral.

"A concussion AND prison time for the price of one big stupid TikTok? That's a deal right there," one person wrote.

"That fine in Mexico is a 'time to flee' kind of fine," someone else commented.

"When I hear the term 'influencer,' I immediately just think POS," another wrote.

"Absolutely no sympathy for these imbeciles. He should also do a month of jail time to reflect on his stupidity," someone else chimed in.

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According to reports, Montesana suffered a mild concussion from the fall.

He also faces either a $5,000 fine or one to three years in jail for damaging the historic building.

His social media accounts appear to have been deactivated, including the TikTok account he filmed his failed parkour video for.

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