Before the sawdust starts to fly and the glue gets sticky, the plans need to be made. That is exactly what I did a couple of nights ago! This has been the first time I really used Google Sketchup to make plans. Since there are going to be so many cuts, I figured that I would take the time to set up the plans to have handy during the entire build of the table. Here is one of the screen shots of the plans.

Matt Sparx/TSM

This is a traditional harvest table with my own take on the plans. The top measures 44 inches wide by 100 inches long. There will be enough room to comfortably seat 10 people. Instead of a simple big box hardware store construction lumber, like most harvest tables on Pintrest, I have opted to take another route... Over the next few weeks I will be purchasing the lumber in rough cut (chainsawed boards) pieces in Beetle Kill Ponderosa Pine harvested from right here in Northern Colorado. Not only is it a unique wood, it is sustainable and from our great state! I am not sure exactly how long the build will take. I do know that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I will be taking my time to make it precise and as good as I possibly can. The table will be sturdy, heavy and should be able to get many, many years of good use!

I will be posting more about the table build as soon as I take possession of the lumber which should be in the next two weeks. Then, the journey of making my very first dining room table begins. Make sure you follow along!