Everybody loves Disney movies and characters, right? A recent survey said not only does Colorado love Disney, but we're crushing on a certain "Street Rat."

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Colorado Has A Crush On Disney's Aladdin According to A New survey

I'm a complete Disney nut. I love everything they do, especially their theme parks. I wasn't aware how many other Disney crazies there were like me until I started to join all of these different fan pages and soon felt a lot less crazy than before. While I don't recall watching a Disney cartoon and thinking "wow, that person is hot," there was a survey put together by Shane Co that proves that not only do people crush on Disney cartoon characters, but we have a clear favorite in Colorado.

Colorado's homegrown Shane Co, (you can hear the commercials in your head right now, can't you?) did a nationwide survey with almost 2,500 people choosing from a list of 31 different Disney Characters and asked which Disney character they had the biggest crush on. In conclusion, the survey says that Colorado finds Disney's Aladdin to be the most dreamy. Eight states in the country chose Aladdin as their crush which puts him in second place only behind Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled. Other options were Prince Eric, Jasmine, Tarzan, Beast, Ariel, Kristoff, Mulan, and more.

Do you agree with Shane Co's findings? Is Colorado really an Aladdin state? If I had to pick, I guess I'd be more of a Jasmine guy, but my wife right away said Flynn Rider without hesitation so I'm a tad concerned honestly. Watch yourself, Flynn, she's mine!

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