Say (an Irish) goodbye to the name of this Northern Colorado elementary school.

Irish Elementary School, located in northwest Fort Collins, will be changing its name in order to better reflect its mission, according to The Coloradoan. 

The new name will be Irish Elementary Escuela Bilingüe, which means "bilingual school" in Spanish.

According to Principal Lindsey Walton, the name is meant to reflect the school's bilingual program, which primarily focuses on the Spanish language. Walton also wanted to deter people from assuming the program focused on Gaelic, given the use of Irish in the name.

The use of both English and Spanish in the name is also meant to represent the blend of different cultures present at the school, something Walton takes great pride in.

She propositioned the name change in a letter to the Poudre School District Board of Education, and they all unanimously voted in support of the measure on Tuesday (September 10).

The school, founded in 1968, was originally named after Jean Powell Irish, who was a well-respected teacher and principal in the Poudre School District for over three decades.

The school's bilingual program began in 2004 and was fully developed by 2010. Walton said that many Hispanic families are appreciative of the program, feeling that the school is finally reflecting the entire community.


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