Look at these before and after photos of their house after an avalanche. After being buried under three feet of snow for over an hour, this family is lucky to be alive.

My jaw literally dropped whenever I saw these before and after pictures of a house after an avalanche near Lake City. The before picture shows a very nice three story wood house with a barn and a fence surrounded by trees. The after picture there is nothing. There is no house, no barn, no fence, and very few trees remain standing.

A father and his two daughters were in the house when the avalanche happened. The father is the Hinsdale County Sheriff and thankfully was able to make his way out of the home.

After 45 minutes one of his daughter's, Kristy, regained consciousness and began screaming for help. Good thing his truck was unlocked because their dad immediately radioed for help and searching for his daughters.

Sara was rescued after being buried by three feet of snow for 45 minutes. Kristy was rescued after over an hour of being buried. Neither girls have any broken bones.

This is a miracle that this family survived the avalanche. I'm so happy all three of them are okay -- and even have a smile on their face.

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