zombieite, Flickr
zombieite, Flickr

A federal inmate is suing Taco Bell because he is convinced that Doritos Locos Tacos are his invention.

You gotta love stories like this! Only in America can someone in prison claim he invented something I'm sure millions of people thought of first. Seriously! Doritos are tortilla chips, and taco shells are just bland tortilla chips shaped to hold taco ingredients. This idea isn't that much of a stretch, especially considering Taco Bell's track record for selling junk food.

That's not gonna stop good old Gary Cole though! During his time in prison, he wrote letters to family members with ideas he's come up with for different products. The one about Doritos flavored taco shells mysteriously went missing in the mail. Gary says the letter was stolen, and the person who got it and turned around and sold it to Taco Bell.

I had to know if this man was crazy, I had to! Upon further investigation, it turns out he's actually here in Colorado, serving his time in the super-max prison located in Florence. Apparently, he aided convicted terrorists and earned himself 25 years. I think it's safe to say this man is insane...

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