I've walked by the Illegal Pete's location in Old Town FoCo at least three times in the past two weeks, wondering when they'd open their doors again. With outdoor patios reopening all over Northern Colorado, it's been hard waiting for one of the most impressive rooftop locales to shine up their picnic tables and welcome us back.

Now, finally, we know when to expect those late-night burritos again.

With Denver's Illegal Pete's location officially reopened, it was only a matter of time until FoCo would follow suit. According to the Illegal Pete's website, the Old Town location will reopen on June 29.

Also according to their website, dining will be a little different:

Seating will be limited to one group per outdoor table, and guests will be sat by a team member to mitigate confusion and ensure physical distancing standards are upheld.

Guests sat on our patios will be able to order food and alcohol online for pickup at our bar window or order directly from a bartender at the window.

There's no word on why it took our beloved burritos so long to make their downtown return, but we'll take whatever information we can get.

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