This week, many people in NoCo fell prey to a text scam that The White House is now saying is not real.

According to Newsweek, the National Security Council "issued a statement confirming that the texts suggesting that President Donald Trump will enforce a two-week period of national quarantine within the next 72 hours after evoking the Stafford Act are a hoax."

The text in question usually starts with someone describing that they have a friend in the military and tells the person they are in contact with to stock up on supplies, and to prepare for a nation-wide quarantine.

If you're curious about the content of the text, know that the Stafford Act mentioned has already been invoked by President Trump, and did not include a mandatory quarantine. While the national quarantine is not totally out of the question, experts are still just encouraging people to practice social distancing and to avoid large gatherings and events.

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