After a lawmaker in Ohio proposed a bill to make the Labrador retriever the official state dog this week, it got me thinking – who knew there was such a thing as state dogs, and does Colorado have one? 

As it turns out, there are currently only twelve states that have designated dogs, and Colorado is not one of them. The places that do have them are Maryland: Chesapeake Bay retriever, Pennsylvania: Great Dane, Virginia: American foxhound, Louisiana: Catahoula leopard dog, Massachusetts: Boston terrier, South Carolina: Boykin spaniel, Wisconsin: American water spaniel, North Carolina: Plott hound, Texas: Blue Lacy, New Hampshire: Chinook, Alaska: Alaskan malamute, and Georgia with the most recent addition in 2016 of an adoptable dog (rather than a specific breed). Ohio would be the thirteenth state, should they decide to follow through with the suggestion.

Being that our state is so dog-friendly already, it would make sense if we had an official canine too. If Colorado were to adopt an official state dog, here are some options that it could be:

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