Today was Patrick Frazee's court appearance for his preliminary hearing, and details about the crime he is accused of committing against his wife, Kelsey Berreth, are downright frightening.

According to KKTV, a woman named Krystal Kenney told investigators that she was involved romantically with Frazee and that Frazee admitted to her details on how he killed Berreth, the mother of his child.

Kenney was apparently flown out to Colorado three times in an effort by Frazee to have her kill Berreth. She refused, and without her help, he covered Berreth's face with a sweater and beat her with a bat, then disposed of her body on his farm, according to Kenney.

"Kenney told investigators Frazee drove Berreth's body to Nash Ranch in Fremont County after killing her and placed it on top of haystacks in a barn [...] Kenney said Frazee originally asked her to poison a drink and give it to Berreth as a way to 'get rid of her.'" (Source)

9News reported that Kenney also helped "clean up" after the murder, but intentionally left clues for the investigators to find in order to help them solve the case.

Below is the live video from Denver7 with more details on the disturbing crime.

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