There's no denying Denver has changed drastically, even in just the last few years. After 87, The Chapultepec, or 'The Pec,' known for jazz and its iconic neon cactus, is permanently closed — a decision the owners say was 'multifactorial,' and not just because of pandemic shutdowns.

On December 7, 2020, the Krantz family wrote the following message on Facebook:

On December 8, 9NEWS shared video from a press conference with those close to the club. Anna, a member of the Krantz family, spoke, saying she didn't want to be 'too quick to point the finger at COVID,' but the closure 'made an impact.'

She cited difficulties with the baseball stadium crowds (Coors Field is a neighbor) and safety in LoDo at 2 a.m. as 'taking a toll,' saying 'Denver is different than it used to be.'

She stated that there will be 'no GoFundMe to reverse the family's choice. You can see the full announcement below.

However, other longtime Colorado establishments known for live music are shuttering forever because of COVID-10 shutdowns, like 3 Kings, Hodi's Half Note and more.

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