If you've been to a Colorado Rockies game in the past 24 years, you may have crossed paths, or even bought a beer from Brent Doeden – an iconic vendor more affectionately known by fans as Captain Earthman, who sadly passed away on Monday morning at the age of 61.

The beloved beer vendor was famous for his quirky style, which frequently included peanut earrings, handmade hats, and other eccentric trinkets, as well as his booming voice and unique personality. Captain Earthman started his career selling beer at CU football games in 1985 and also made appearances at major sporting events and concerts, before working at Rockies games from their inaugural season in 1993, until he was forced to stop due to his terminal diagnosis in 2016. Many called Earthman a pioneer of his profession, being that back in the 2000s, he acquired a cell phone (before everyone had them), so that customers could call on him for beer, and also printed out business cards to pass out in the stands.

Earthman was diagnosed with two Grade IV brain tumors last August, and was given 6 to 18 months to live. He attended his final Rockies game at Coors Field with family members on Father's Day this year. His family plans on hosting a celebration of life event sometime in the coming weeks and are inviting everyone who wants to join and share their stories about him.

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