Here in Colorado, traffic can get pretty bad. In fact, we have some of the worst cases of road rage in the entire country due to it.

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Surely another reason that causes this road rage is road and interstate construction.

Just recently, Harmony Road in Fort Collins, which already has terrible traffic, was an absolute nightmare due to construction

Over the past few years, the main construction that has been taking place has been I-25, which has proven to be a thorn in the side of people in Northern Colorado.

Here’s the thing; it by no means is over.

Construction Has Started on I-25 Expansion Between Berthoud and Mead in Colorado


That’s right, there’s even more construction that is just getting underway here in Northern Colorado.

They’re adding even more express lanes to I-25, taking up a 6 mile stretch between Berthoud and Mead, Colorado.

The plan is to connect Highway 66 in Mead to the current express lanes on the Berthoud portion of I-25. 

This means this 6-mile stretch will have express lanes going north and south.

Here’s the thing though; construction on this section of I-25 is now set to finish in 2028, 4 years from now.

When Will the I-25 Construction End in Northern Colorado?


This year will mark 6 years since construction began on I-25 improvements in Northern Colorado.

However, some parts are wrapped up.

For example, large portions of the 19-mile total expansion were completed in mid-December of 2023.

However, we’ve already experienced a delay in the projected time for the Mead and Berthoud project, which was originally slated to end in 2027.

With that being said, deadlines have consistently been pushed back the entire process.

For example, back in 2021, the project was supposed to be completed by 2024.

If you’re pulling your hair out about this news, we don’t blame you. By the time this completes, it will likely have been a 10 year process.

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